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transforms a PNG image to a web page
Png2html takes a PNG image and transforms it pixel by pixel to a web page, encoding each pixel as an appropriately coloured letter. It is decided which letter to encode each pixel as by using a text file supplied by the user. An example can be found on the project's homepage.
Full-featured markdown parser and compiler for NodeJS
Marked implements all markdown features while having a high processing speed. It is also fully compatible with client-side javascript. . Additionally Marked also implements github flavored markdown. . This package contains the marked executable and node module.
multi-user accounting / CRM / ERP suite (demo database)
A full-featured, fully-integrated business management system, the core of the award winning xTuple ERP Suite. Built with the open source PostgreSQL database and the open source Qt framework for C++, it provides the ultimate in power and flexibility for a range of businesses and industries of any size. . This package provides the demo database that can be loaded into PostgreSQL using pg_restore. Most users should start with the postbooks-schema-quickstart database, while the postbooks-schema-demo database is useful for evaluating the product. . Installing schema packages does not modify PostgreSQL in any way. They simply put a copy of the schema into /usr/share/postbooks-schema for manual installation.
Tryton Application Platform (Account Stock Continental Module)
Tryton is a high-level general purpose application platform. It is the base of a complete business solution as well as a comprehensive health and hospital information system (GNUHealth). . This package adds the continental accounting model for stock valuation.
Reboot of the BBDB Insidious Big Brother Database for Emacs
This is a reboot of BBDB, the Insidious Big Brother Database for Emacs. It provides an address book for email and snail mail addresses, phone numbers and the like. It can be linked with various Emacs mail clients (Rmail, Gnus, VM). BBDB is fully customizable.
Lo-dash is a Node.js utility library
Lo-dash is a Node.js utility library delivering consistency, customization, performance, & extras. . Node.js is an event-based server-side JavaScript engine.